Faraway Bay wine tasting

Temperature & Climate

Faraway Bay’s season runs from 1st March to October 31st each year. We are closed from November through to March.

March and April is the best time to see the famous Kimberley waterfalls flowing in full force – including the renowned King George Falls, a trip that is inclusive for every guest at Faraway Bay. March is still classified Wet Season and April can still have rain. So if you want to experience the Wet Season in the Kimberley March is the perfect time.

From April to September, the weather is perfect. Daily temperatures average 30°C, with blue skies and cooler evenings. Temperature in March and October generally rise and  rain is a possibility.

March – April  is the ultimate time  for Barramundi  fishing, as it is end of the Wet Season, but can still be caught during the rest of the season.


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