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From our guests…


The first group in for the year. What a privilege! Awesome in every aspect – food, fishing, company, rock-art, waterfalls – all of it. We’ve loved every minute of the last 4 days – feels like we’ve been here for a month. Can’t wait to Return!                  Canterbury, VIC April 2013

With the first group in for the year. An experience built around the passion and commitment of real people who know what matters – it’s also goog to take the …. out of the guides – especially Scotty!!!                                                        Canterbury, VIC April 2013

These last few days at Faraway Bay have been an absolute pleasure.  Thank you to Kevin,Ben & Scott for a great time-muchly appreciated.Cannot recommend highly enough.                                                                                                              Newcastle NSW April 2013

Sensational!! Thanks to Kevin,Scotty & Marty (our pilot). Great memories, Good Photos. This what I live for!!!                          Margaret River, WA April 2013

Magical environment! A wonderful and complete break with caring and careful people looking after us. Fabulous food and great guiding. Marvellous spectacular country and great activities and above all fabulous rock art, we feel greatly privileged to have had the experience – love to all                                                                                                                                              St. Lucia QLD April 13

Had a great time in Faraway Bay. Trip to Shell Beach and drinking white wine at the falls was very enjoyable but the visit to the Rock Art driving through the outback and finishing at the Billabong was a highlight. Scott was a great guide and Kevin a top chef plus BJ a fine fisherman to help Pieter with all the sharks, hope to come back one day!                                The Haque, HOLLAND May 2013

Close to heaven, down to earth. If only the best will do you have reached your Journey’s end. Our warmest thanks to Kevin, Lee, Ju Ju, Christine, Max, Scotty and BJ for making our journey so possible, so perfect and so memorable.  Everytime we look back at our photo’s we’ll be back with you, in spirit, in Faraway Bay.                                                                        Adelaide, SA May 2013

If only these 5 days were forever….. A truly amazing spot full of wonderful experiences from the view, the fishing, the incredible rock art .. to the amazing food, company and camp fire at night…. Thanks Kevin and staff for helping make all of this possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Toorak, VIC  May 2103

First stop at Faraway Bay for our holiday through the Kimberley, what a way to start. Beautiful country.                                      Perth, WA  June 2013


The most beautiful place in Western Australia – what an amazing few days –                                                                                            A & C Aviation June 2013

Simply Heaven – surely one of the most glorious places in the world and with our extraordinary hosts, Kevin, Gemma & Darren, this is a stay in a unique part of our wonderful country, to remember forever. Here’s to a return soon!                          AAA tour, Melbourne, VIC June 2013

What a fantastic holiday, my batteries have been fully recharged (I have plenty of energy to save up for another holiday at Faraway Bay) Many thanks to all who made the holiday so great –                                                                                                         Belgrave Heights, VIC July 2013

This trip was a celebration for my 50th Birthday. It is the most beautiful place, spectacular scenery, great hosts, great fun.  Not sure how I will return to work after having such a relaxing time.  We will return here at some stage and do some more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Perth, WA July 2013

Thank you to Kevin, Kathie and Griffin for making me feel at home. BIG thank you to Lee for sharing knowledge, understanding, and deep love for the Kimberley, reminding us of Ju Ju’s presence virtually.  This is land as old as time with precious delicate deviations that indicate a gentle human presence that ought to endure for the nation.  I truly hope to be back – The Kimberely has called –                                                                                                                                                                    Sydney, NSW July 13

A great experience – truly a great time thanks kids!  Brunswick Heads, NSW July 2103

….. I leave a changed Man.    Adelaide , SA  August 2013

What an amazing place! Had a great time – Paradise! (with crocodiles) thank you!                                                                         Singapore, August 2013

These days were one of the best days we ever had! What a great place! Thank you so much Kevin and Gemma! We will always remember Christians 36th Birthday and our first anniversary.                                                                                                        Germany, September 2013

What a fabulous experience! The location is utterly breathtaking; the food simply fantastic and the excursions wonderful.  We thoroughly enjoyed catching and then eating our “Spanish Flags”.  Thank you Kevin and Gemma for being such delightful attentive hosts – we have really enjoyed your company.  All the best for the future. PS You will definitely get a mention in my lectures!                                                                                                                                                                                                     London UK, September 2013


Click to view the Facebook album of Geoff Simmons (from Victoria) from his recent visit to Faraway Bay – some amazing photos showing our magical destination. Thanks for sharing, Geoff!  June 2013

Geoff Simmons' trip to Faraway Bay - 2013




Hunny we just landed inside a postcard?  Totally indulged our every senses.  Many thanks for the outstanding hospitality….Only took half a day to strip the clock away – we will be back.  Just listen for the noisy arrival.
Lane Cove, NSW

Such an impressive team who all combined with their diverse and exceptional skills to make our faraway experience continually exceed our expectations!!
Birchgrove, NSW

A marvelous spot, and a wonderful staff.  The highlight of our trip in N. Australia
Melbourne, Victoria

I think you have created an amazing oasis, so far away from life’s mainstream.  Fascinating aboriginal art, beautiful bay and water activities plus a lovely climate mean that this must be on of the best (if not the best) holiday resort in Australia.
Melbourne, Victoria

Congrats Bruce for your foresight in building here.  Not even Shakespeare could find the right words to describe the combination of beauty and tranquilty.
Balwyn, Victoria

We had a wonderful time over the last four days.  It was amazing to see the vastness of this Kimberley Region.  Photographs can’t capture the beauty.  The individual attention we had from the crew was most appreciated……..Luckily we’ve experienced the No. 1 eco resort in the world!
Cantebury, Victoria

The beauty, tranquility and unique quality of this glorious place have recharged our batteries.  Thank  you to all you wonderful, friendly, caring people!
Monbulk, Victoria

This was out of this world.  Thankyou for giving us the two most wonderful days in our lives.
Mosman, WA

What can we say?   Speechless – it’s just the most fantastic remote, beautiful location – great staff, great activities, great food!  Definitely the best holiday destination ever!
Epping, NSW

An absolutely awesome place to visit.  Great food, amazing staff, stunning scenery, wonderful company, great experiences – we’ll be back!
Port Macquarie, NSW

The zenith of a great holiday destination is where the stay seems much longer than the actual time spent.  Over 2 days lasted 2 weeks!  Wonderful.
Perth, WA

Thanks!.  It was our best and most diverse experience…..
St. Ives, NSW

We came, we saw, we fished, and how!!  Thanks to all the “FAB Team” who have made our stay so enjoyable and memorable.  The whole landscape is almost overwhelming in its raw beauty as there is so much to take in.  We will be back and soon we hope.  Just wonderful.
Wellington, New Zealand

You have made this first trip to the Kimberley unforgettable!  Your wonderful hospitality, knowledge and generosity goes unsurpassed…. A truly life-changing experience!  Thanks so much.
Perth, WA

The environment exquisite; the people exceptional; combined: inspiring.
Mark Muller, Outback Magazine, Sydney, NSW

We love 5 star experiences. Well I would give this 6 or more, great food, great people and the view!! Wow!!
The Lairds

Thanks crew – you are truly blessed by the lives you all live.  Thanks for making Australia what it is!
Sydney, NSW

Outstanding, relaxation, adventure, Faraway Bay has it all…..especially the team!!
Melbourne, Victoria

Thanks to Bruce and his magnificent team.  Cannot fault this place at all!!!!!  Everything was beyond expectations.
Sydney, NSW

It was the most beautiful time we ever had here in Faraway Bay.  We are so lucky to visit this place.  It is a paradise on earth.  The staff did all …… We will come back.
Hamburg, Germany

What a fantastic experience.  Best food in the world, awesome fishing and bush walking.  Thank you to the staff who made it possible for us to get engaged on our own little beach.  A holiday we will never forget.
Kununurra, WA

I have circled the world by ship and never experienced a location so isolated and yet vibrating with such enormous character.  Thank you for an unforgettable experience
Perth, WA

Every once in a while you find a little piece of heaven on earth.  Faraway Bay is that place.  Perfect.  I want to tell the world about this place but don’t want to in case it gets spoilt.  Please take care of this faraway place until I come back.
Perth, WA

Fifth visit to Faraway Bay!  Thought 5 nights would be enough; next time we’ll stay longer.  Just can’t get enough…..serenity, awesome fishing, fantastic food and company and the most beautiful place we have ever found.  See you again.
Sydney, NSW

Thank you for this experience!  It was much more than we ever expected.  What wonderful staff you have here – treasure them.
Los Angeles, California, USA

A peaceful place to reflect upon that which we value in life!
Perth, WA

This is a place we never want to leave.  Thank you all so much.
Amberley, New Zealand

I had a dream… a reality…. tomorrow a memory; it is here – Faraway Bay – an oasis in the remote bush with convivial hosts, hostesses and fellow guests, gourmet meals, perfect accommodation.  Lost City and found art, exotic creatures, pounding waterfalls and aboriginal remains.  Thank you to all who each helped make this a very special place.
Dallas, Texas USA

Faraway in time and space, but forever in out hearts.
Turros Head, NSW

I loved everything about this wonderful place, but especially the friendly, knowledgeable staff.  They made it for me and my husbands birthday was unforgettable.
Melbourne, Victoria

We came not knowing and without expectation.  We leave refreshed and with a deep feeling of satisfaction of the things we’ve seen, of the people we came with and met.  Most especially we are in awe and debt to Bruce for giving ‘today’s generation’ access to this wonderland.
Perth. WA

A secret recipe – comfort to relax the spirit and simplicity to ensure nothing distracts the senses from absorbing the real Kimberley.  Thanks for sharing the magic!
City Beach, WA

We have been in a seven star hotel in Dubai and slept in the Indian desert close to Pakistan; we thought we had seen it all!!  Until we came here!!??!!  What a unique place.  Everything is right: the staff, the food, the view, the atmosphere thanks to the vision of Bruce and Robyn.  We hope to come back.
Brighton, Victoria

An astonishing venue, established by a family with vision, and managed by a great team; simply, a wonder of the world.
Castletown, Isle of Man, UK

A place of serene beauty that begins to feel more and more like home.  What a peaceful and interesting experience to see and learn about the area and its flora and fauna – and through such likeable and knowledgeable staff.  We will certainly look forward to a return visit and hope the “camp” remains as far away as possible.  A dream time for us.
Washington DC, USA

So different from anywhere else I have been.  Great to find such a beautiful unspoilt place.  Thanks to all staff.  Exceeded expectation!
Canterbury, Victoria

The only luxury in today’s world is total isolation in nature untouched, thank you.”

What a fantastic setting.  The King George River Gorge and the falls is one of the truly impressive places on Earth.  A great effort has been made by “Faraway Bay Resort” to preserve the pristine beauty of the area and yet make it accessible.  Thanks for sharing it with us.
Oakland CA, USA

When you spend around 7 month’s of the year travelling for work it takes a very special place to immediately impress and affect you and Faraway Bay is that place!  There are a very few places in the world where I would rather rest my head at night, dozing off with that divine breeze flowing through the cabin, waking to the sheer magnificence of morning in this bay.  I won’t forget this time ever and I am so grateful to have had the privilege to see this place.  Faraway Bay the most relaxing place I have been in a very long, long time.

We lived 3 days in a romantic, technicolor brochure. Can’t believe the experience was real. The pampering by the perfect staff was unforgettable. Many thanks.
Stinson Beach,California, USA

One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name. You’ve found the formula – don’t change any of it.  We’ll miss you and your paradise.
Lindfield, NSW

Far away from everywhere – but close to paradise.
Mosman, NSW